“Give everything back to time, and then hand over the testimonies of love.”
“把一切都还给时间, 再交出爱的证言”

To experience loss is a human condition we struggle with all our lives. Memories fading, time passing, and loved ones leaving shape our life experiences of loss. A casual reading from last year led me to the term “entropy” (second law of thermodynamics). When I searched for it with curiosity, its meaning: the irreversible natural subsidence of all things, gripped me. It made me want to preserve the memories of those who have passed away. In this work, I use old images and multimedia works to engage in a more poetic exploration of time, death, and memory. Besides trying to recreate the past, I also want to use images and objects to remember lost loved ones. During such a process, the obsession with trying to hold on to the dead gradually diminished. Instead, this series of actions to recall brought me great comfort. When I calmly accepted the fact that everything will subside, I then felt more of their love for me, love that has been carried in this world. Just give everything back to time and then hand over the testimonies of love.