Funeral Parade of Invisible Bodies: The Contagious Sensorium

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Funeral Parade manifests as a mixed media installation/ performance, expanding sounding upon kinetic sculptures, moving images, performance art, and sonic transduction. Collaboratively created by Stoker Kou (MDes Mediums ‘25) and Yuanqing Xie (MDes Mediums ‘25), it delves into the intricate interplay of individual body parts and body extensions, both organic and synthetic, concerning their sensory attributes. Funeral Parade initiates discourse on the synchronization and asynchronization of senses, with a specific emphasis on deconstructing and redirecting the auditory sensorium, alongside other senses examined through skin, ears, and hair. Taking the form of a ritual, Funeral Parade draws inspiration from Buddhism's “Vang Sanh Chu”, offering a contemplative space to mourn over a hypothetical demise while commemorating a romanticized resurrection simultaneously.