Book of Answers

You:   What question do you wanna ask?
Me:     I’m not going to tell you.
You:   Then what’s your answer?
Me:     It’s unclear.


           “Absolutely not.”

         “You’ll need more information.”

     “It will remain unpredictable.”

     “It’s not worth a struggle.”

             “Doubt it.”
“You’ll need to consider another way.”
“Don’t waste your time.”

在“答案书”中,我用影像的方式去构建了我身边五个朋友的视觉档案。每一个档案的图像与呈现形式都很不同,试图把每个人的性格,故事,和特点都单独表现出来。介入式的摄影方式让整个过程变得像是我和朋友之间的一场游戏,我先让他们心里想一个想问的问题,然后带着问题去翻一页“Book of Answers”,根据他们翻出的答案,我再用图像的方式去猜测他们可能会问的问题。

In the “Book of Answers”, I used images to build the visual files of my five friends. The images and their presenting forms in each file are very different, as I tried to show the personality, stories and characteristics of each person independently. Intrusive photography makes the process look like a game between my friends and I. I asked them to think about a question first, and then randomly open a page in the book. According to their answers turned out from the book, I then used images to speculate their questions.